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We offer 2 solutions.
1.An aftermarket exhaust build for your car with or without EC approval documents.
This from manufacturers like Milltek, Akrapovic, Armytrix, Supersprint, Ragazon and many others.

2. A custom fabricated exhaust setup or modifcation from front to back completely to your liking.
These will never be EC approved, so will not pass technical inspection in Belgium.

Option one is usually a job completed in a few hours if you make an appointment.
However should this be a setup with a sportcat or no cat at all, then the installation time will increase significantly.
This due to the amount of extra work that is needed to remove the original catalyst. This varies from car to car, some are easier then others.
Usually cars will be at the shop for a day so we can take our time and not rush things, when we have to remove these.
Do note that this will not be road legal and the car will fail technical inspection specially with a decat.

Option two this is often done when the customer wants a sportier sounds from his/her exhaust.
Or just wants a full custom exhaust to his/her liking. If even wanted we can add a valve system to this.
Depending on the type of modification the car will have to be left behind, this will be only done with an appointment.



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