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VAG Maniacs is part of Chiptuning-Plus so when it comes to tuning your vehicle we can rely on 25 Years of experience in the tuning world.

Through our webshop we offer a lot of parts which at times only get their true potential after tuning the vehicle.
For example installing an exhaust system or an air filter on a stock vehicle will have less gains then on a tuned vehicle.
This because we can actually take the improvements made by installing these parts into account and customise the tune of the vehicle and this way make better use of these parts and get better performance results.
Likewise for our hybrid turbo kits, these will always require a new tune for your vehicle. Without this there are no gains made after installing the turbo.

All cars will be tested before and after tuning on our 4wd dyno.

At times local race teams will call on us to fine tune their cars or use our dyno to test their cars before a big race like the 24Hours of Zolder.



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