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When tuning new vehicles the dealership most of the time can detect this if they are looking for it.
This mean that they will not offer any warranty when there is an issue with the car.
The extend of how far this can go depends on the situation and type of damage.
But any type of engine damage will usually not be covered by them anymore.
For this reason we offer tuning insurances, which partially takes over this warranty.
This insurance will cover a wide range of problems but not all. But in the end if something brakes you are not forced to pay the whole repair yourself.
For an exact price on this you can ask us for a quote.
All of our own vehicles use this for the reason explained above.


When letting the dealership service you tuned vehicles you often run the risk of losing your tuning.
This happens when the dealership updates the ECU and TCU which flashes the these units back to factory spec. Which means it will be back to stock performance.
As a result you will have to go back to your tuner to have them flash the tune back into your cars ECU/TCU which often means paying for the tuning again.
Some dealerships sometimes also refuse to service the vehicle due to certain changes made to it. Body kit, suspension, air-ride to name a few.

Below our service options.

What it includes
Oil, oil filter and sump plug replacement, cabin filter. Visual inspection of engine bay and vehicle body. Check and top up fluid levels as required, check lights, wiper blades, brakes, tyres (damage, pressure and tread depth including spare), check all drive belts, fuel system and pipe work, cooling system (including fan operation), wheel bearings, suspension (shock absorbers, springs, joints, mounts and bushings), drive shafts and boots, brakes lines (flexible and fixed), wheel alignment quick check, exhaust, seatbelts. Computer diagnostics check using Ross Tech Vag Com, reset service light, road test.

Our shop cars get their maintenance done every 7000 Km. (Stage3 tuned vehicles)
It includes everything we do in our Interim Service with the addition of
Air filter, Spark Plugs (petrol vehicles), Fuel Filter (diesel vehicles). Lubrication of all moving parts (doors, hinges, locks, catches and gear linkage), check quality of brake fluid and antifreeze, gear oil level, differential oil level (if possible), operation of all controls and switches, adjust handbrake (if possible), check air conditioning and pollen filter.
See below for pricing

We generally use Castrol oil for servicing.
Heavily tuned cars can use Red Line engine oil which is popular among the Stage2+ tuned vehicles.
There is a additional cost if you prefer this oil, price depends on the amount needed(engine type).

Price range for interim service / full service on regular cars.

4 Cylinder cars Petrol and Diesel est. 280€ for interim service
5 Cylinder cars Petrol and Diesel est. 325€ for interim service
6 Cylinder cars Petrol and Diesel est. 360€ for interim service
8 Cylinder cars Petrol and Diesel est. 450€ for interim service

*If there are additional costs due to worn parts which came to our attention after our inspection you will be informed before proceeding with any work.


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